Robert Harris's bestselling thriller is read by Alan Howard.



A spectre is haunting the new RUSSIA - Joseph Stalin.

At midnight in a Moscow hotel room, Professor Fluke Kelso is listening to a story that could make or break his reputation.

If it is true, Stalin is about to return from the grave (1/10).


An eyewitness to Stalin's death claims to know where the dictator's legendary notebook is buried.


In an abandoned Moscow garden, Fluke Kelso finds the spot where Papu Rapava buried Stalin's notebook in 1953.


Papu Rapava knows where the notebook is, but there is more than one person on his trail.


Papu Rapava is dead, but his daughter has the key to a garage on the outskirts of Moscow where Fluke Kelso believes Stalin's notebook lies hidden.


Robert Harris's thriller read in ten parts by Alan Howard.

6: Kelso has a black oilskin notebook that used to belong to Josef Stalin.

The story within points him to the dark forests around the northern port of Archangel.


Robert Harris's thiller read in ten parts by Alan Howard.

7: Fluke Kelso and journalist R J O'Brian are a couple of hours ahead of the RUSSIAn secret service in their race to find the girl who loved Josef Stalin


Robert Harris's thriller read in ten parts by Alan Howard.

8: Kelso and O'Brian have 24 hours to uncover the secrets in the forest before the northern snows cut off the port of Archangel and trap them there for the winter.


Robert Harris's thriller read in ten parts by Alan Howard.

9: Out in the forests, Kelso and O'Brian are out of their depth.

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Robert Harris's thriller read by Alan Howard.

As the last train out of Archangel rattles towards Moscow, RUSSIA is on the brink of a seismic change (10/10).