20061125Down at the Docks

Ulster broadcaster and writer Gerry Anderson explores the rise and fall of Belfast's remarkable shipbuilding industry and looks at life on the docks through a new collection of archive interviews and recordings from local residents.

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20061209'The Edwards Archive

Twenty-five years ago, film-maker John Edwards interviewed 50 of the surviving cameramen who had worked for the cinema newsreel companies in America and Europe. His recordings were lost and recovered only recently.

The story of the newsreel, from the Lindbergh take-off to the Apollo splash-downs, can now be told in the voices of the men who filmed history.'

20061216'Not Like That, Like This

Imagine being taught the piano by Daniel Barenboim, or the cello by Jacqueline Du Pre. Well for the last 60 years, the BBC has been producing masterclasses that have revealed how great musicians approach their craft.

Julian Worricker asks what is being taught in these lessons and what makes them such riveting broadcasting? With archive recordings of, among others, Georg Solti, Paul Tortelier and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf - and contributions from Steven Isserlis and Maxim Vengerov.'

20061230'The Poles and the Planet

It is a story of courage, sacrifice, rivalries and friendships, but 50 years after the first triumphant crossing of Antarctica, the story of the Trans-Antarctic Expedition is nearly forgotten.

Set against the scientific frenzy of the International Geophysical Year of 1957 which saw the launch of the space age, Adam Fowler tracks down the survivors of the last great journey on Earth and asks what legacy they have left.

As science communities across the world prepare for the International Polar Year in 2007, he asks what lessons we have learned in the last 50 years.'

20070217'Eyes in the Sky

Now that the space age has reached middle age, Leo Enright reflects on satellites that have changed history since Sputnik 1 first beeped at us from 1,000km.

Seeing the Earth from outside forever changed the human psyche, whether from the first orbiting weather satellite or the surface of the Moon. And images from space - the first TV satellite pictures from Telstar and the earliest scientific observations from above the clouds - have made the world feel a smaller place; perhaps uncomfortably small when you think that many of the 9,000 orbiters currently up there are spy satellites.

Leo charts the rise and rise of the satellites and asks whether they should forever remain the domain of orbiting robots when the view from space is so spectacular, and holidays in space are very much on the cards.'

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20070303'The Cancer of Betrayal

As Ghana celebrates 50 years of independence, Radio 4's Archive Hour asks what were the real reasons behind the 1966 coup against Kwame Nkrumah and his untimely death?

Over 40 years on, the key to these questions lies with June Mile, his British Literary assistant, biographer and close companion. Now in her late 80s, June reveals new and exclusive material from her personal archive, to throw fresh light on events and tell a story thats never been fully told before.'

20080412'Not Like That, Like This

Julian Worricker looks back at 60 years of BBC masterclasses revealing how great musicians approach their craft. He asks what is being taught in these lessons and what makes them such riveting broadcasting. Contributors include Steven Isserlis and Maxim Vengerov, and artists featured in archive recordings include Georg Solti, Paul Tortelier and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf.'

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