Archy And Mehitabel

A classic collection of humorous verse written by a cockroach with the soul of a poet, whose friend is a cat who was once Cleopatra.


AR01The Coming Of Archy20050620It all began with a message from archy left in the typewriter of New YORK Sun columnist Don Marquis: leave a piece of paper in your machine every night.
  • by.... - - - don marqui

  • don marquis....don fellows
  • hy....greg proops
  • mehitabel....peri gilpin
  • ridged by cathy stewart

  • AR02Pity The Poor Spiders20050621The human race little knows all the sadness it causes in the insect world.
    AR03The Wail Of Archy20050622The battered alley cat who was once Cleopatra puts on a brave face for her friend the cockroach: "toujours gai is the word archy".

    Classic humorous verse from NEW YORK of the PROHIBITION Years.

    AR04The Cheerful Cricket20050623Humorous verse from the typewriter of a cockroach with no shortage of opinions: "crying cheer up cheer up...

    i hate those grinning skipping smirking senseless optimists".

    AR05 LASTArchy And Mehitabel In France20050624The cockroach and the 'toujours gai' alley cat up sticks for PARIS, where archy is inspired by Napoleon and mehitabel proves "there's more than one dance in the old dame yet".