Arctic Stories

Four daily winter stories.


01Audun's Tale2000010420001112Four daily winter stories.

Translated from the Icelandic sagas by Hermann Palsson and read by Brian Blessed. Audun gambles everything when he leaves his homeland to travel the world.

02Adventures With A Dog And A Glacier2000010520001119By John Muir, read by Henry Goodman. Caught in an ice storm on a windswept alaskan glacier, one man and a dog fight for their lives.
03The Sailor Boy's Tale2000010620001126By Isak Dinesen, read by Barbara Flynn. The magical ways of the Lapps save a young boy's life.
04 LASTThe Bear Hunt2000010720001203By Leo Tolstoy, read by Anton Lesser.

In the depths of a RUSSIAn winter, the hunt for a bear unfolds in a dramatic way.

Translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude.