Arden Of Faversham [Drama On 3]

Alice, the young wife of well-to-do Arden has fallen in love with Mosby, a one-time butcher with social aspirations.

The solution is to murder Arden.

This is the first ENGLISH murder thriller written by an unknown contemporary of Shakespeare (though he himself may have provided an authorial hand).

It was based on true events of the period and mixes high drama with low comedy as class-envy, greed and passion drive the story to its tragic conclusion despite many humorous pitfalls on the way.


20190120In 1551 in Tudor England, Alice and her lover Mosby conspire with hired killers to murder Alice's husband Arden. This anonymous play is the first example of a brutal true crime story on the English stage and resonates with our contemporary fascination with all things 'noir'. Based closely on Holinshed's detailed account of the murder, it was first published in 1592.

Arden.... Ewan Bailey
Alice.... Amaka Okafor
Mosby.... Samuel James
Michael.... Tom Forrister
Greene.... Simon Ludders
Franklin.... Philip Fox
Black Will.... Ben Crowe
Shakebag.... Sion Pritchard
Clarke.... Ryan Whittle
Lord Cheiny.... John Telfer
Bradshaw.... John Norton
Susan.... Olivia Marcus

Original music composed by Lucy Rivers
Musicians: James Ifan, Hannah McPake, Dan Messore, Mark O'Connor, Elin Phillips, Lucy Rivers & Aidan Thorne

Adapted and directed by Alison Hindell

BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC Radio 3

True crime in Tudor England as Alice and her lover Mosby plot to murder her husband Arden

Series of drama performances, ranging from experimental works to the Classics

Arden....Ewan Bailey
Alice....Amaka Okafor
Mosby....Samuel James
Michael....Tom Forrister
Greene....Simon Ludders
Franklin....Philip Fox
Black Will....Ben Crowe
Shakebag....Sion Pritchard
Clarke....Ryan Whittle
Lord Cheiny....John Telfer
Bradshaw....John Norton
Susan....Olivia Marcus

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