Are You Alright In There?



Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris present a history of the Christmas loo book.

Jason "Ladybird" Hazeley and Joel "Ladybird" Morris present a history of the Xmas loo book. With contributions from Ben "Miscellany" Schott, John "Not The Nine O'Clock News" Lloyd, Andy "Bunny Suicides" Riley and him off The Viz, Simon Donald - as well as a sprinkling of QI Elves. Extracts are lovingly read by Eleanor Bron.

Toilet books. No, not books about toilets. The funny or fascinating books that have pride of place on any home's most exclusive shelf - the safe space, the lock-in.

The ones you buy at Christmas - 101 Uses For A Dead Cat, The Meaning Of Liff, Schott's Miscellanies, The Far Side compilations, the Viz annual, Bunny Suicides, countless TV tie-ins from Monty Python to Mrs Brown - maybe even The Ladybird Books For Grown-Ups. These are the books that everyone giggles at and passes round when the family gets together at Christmas - the sociable books that bind a nation together once a year over the pickled walnuts.

Written and presented by Joel Morris and Jason Hazeley, two of Britain's busiest comedy writers. They created legendary news spoof The Framley Examiner and have produced countless newspaper and ad parodies for Viz magazine. They are regular collaborators with Charlie Brooker, worked on the screenplay for Paddington with Paul King, and have just joined the writing team for Have I Got News For You.

In addition to two book adaptations of The Framley Examiner for Penguin Books, they co-authored a pair of guides to Britain's more peculiar tourist attractions, Bollocks to Alton Towers (Sunday Times number 1 best-selling travel book of the year) and Far from the Sodding Crowd ('one of the best guide books ever written' -The Guardian).

They divide their time between London and the pub.

Produced by David Tyler
A Pozzitive production for BBC Radio 4.