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Half an hour in the company of comedy writer/performer

Armando lannucci. Producer Caroline Leddy

Genome: [r1 Bd=19930327]

Unknown: Armando Lannucci.

Producer: Caroline Leddy

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Thirty minutes of comedy, music and strange remixes. Producer Caroline Leddy

Genome: [r1 Bd=19930403]

Producer: Caroline Leddy

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Bizarre topical comedy is what

Armando lannucci made his name with, as producer of 1 FM's The Mary Whitehouse Experience and Radio 4's

On the Hour, which recently moved to BBC2 as The Day Today. Now the dry Scot gets to display his surreal comic genius in his own show, assisted by Stewart Lee and Richard Herring.


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Unknown: Armando Lannucci

Assisted By: Stewart Lee

Assisted By: Richard Herring.

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It's sharp, it's spontaneous, and it's not the Danny Baker Radio Show.

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A man with no concept of evil.