Art Disrupted - Damien Hirst And Co



This programme explores the various forces at work that would ultimately lead to the storm of Damien Hirst and co. We'll hear from Jon Thompson and Michael Craig Martin, who taught many of the artists at Goldsmiths, Hirst himself on his own beginnings as an artist, his recognition that London's art world would have to change to accommodate him and his friends, his views on his work and his idea of the role of the artist today.

We hear from Nick Serota on the role of Tate, Louisa Buck on the inevitable break from Cork street and the constraints of the old, fusty, pin striped suit wearing art world. We hear from fellow artists about the wow factor of the Saatchi gallery, their instinctive entrepreneurship, the bond they shared and their stop at nothing attitude, the shift to artists coming from the working class and.. on a more discordant note, the invasive role of mass media and its destruction of the avant garde.

Producer: Kate Bland

A Just Radio production for BBC Radio 4.

Damien Hirst and co, reflect on the forces that produced a brash, bold group of artists.