The Art Of Breaking Apart


20110214Stuart Maconie explores the art of the 'break-up' album, with the help of some fellow writers and musicians.

When their long-term relationships fall apart, it's only natural for pop and rock artists to channel their emotions into songs, and the resulting albums have in many cases been hailed as artistic highlights of their careers. From Bob Dylan on 'Blood On The Tracks', to Marvin Gaye on 'Here My Dear', and Fleetwood Mac during the double partnership collapse that formed the backdrop to 'Rumours', records written and performed in emotional turmoil have proved heartfelt and enduring.

In a bitter-sweet twist on the spirit of Valentine's Day, Stuart explores which are the best of the many pop albums on this theme, and hears the stories behind them, from those who made them or were close to the artistic process.

Producer: Paul Bajoria.

Stuart Maconie recalls some classic pop albums that chronicle the end of a relationship.