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Beatles producer

George Martin kicks off a three-part history of music technology. 1: Waiting for the Red Light Musicians, producers and engineers recall studios that looked like physics labs... but were the results more creative than today's digital, highly produced masterpieces?

Brian Eno considers the relationship between music and technology in The Story of Pop: Tuesday 9.00pm

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Unknown: George Martin

Unknown: Brian Eno

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A three-part history of music technology.

2: Wondrous Stories

Rick Wakeman tells the story of music technology from Sergeant Pepper to punk, with tales of early

Moog synths, effects pedals and multi-track excess.

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Unknown: Rick Wakeman

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Concluding the three-part history of music technology. Electric Dreams

Peter Hook of New Order tells the story of music technology - from late 70s synth-pop to today's multimedia extravaganzas.

01Bbc Radio 1 And 1xtra's Stories2010041220100419 (R1)

Hear what happens when Radio 1's Queen of experimental sounds Mary Anne Hobbs takes one electronic music NOOB (aka Dev) under her musical wing.

Dev boasts on air that he reckons he can produce an experimental music track (how hard can it be, it's just a load of beeps and clicks, right?) so now he's on a mission to make a tune good enough for Mary Anne to play on her show.

We join him on his journey of discovery - as he looks for inspiration from Aphex Twin & underground label Planet Mu AND is introduced to cutting edge Dubstep and extreme D&B.

His quest for harder, darker, faster, scarier sounds finally takes him to a warehouse in North London where, in the studio, he meets some of the notorious Wrong Music label crew (including: Tim Exile, Mully, and Ladyscraper)

After a session in the studio with producer Simbad, Dev finally finishes his track and is rather pleased with his efforts, but will it be enough to impress Mary Anne? And will she play his tune on Radio 1?

Dev is on a mission to make an experimental music track AND get it played on Radio 1

01Wating For The Red Light19941204

Sir George Martin tells the story of music technology.

02Bbc Radio 1 And 1xtra's Stories2010041920100426 (R1)

In part two of The Art of Noise, Dev from Radio 1's early breakfast show steps right out of his musical comfort zone to explore the live experimental music scene, by heading off to one of the UK's most alternative music festivals - All Tomorrow's Parties.

Held at the Butlins resort in Minehead, All Tomorrow's Parties has just celebrated its tenth anniversary. Featuring bands from Shellac to Sunn o))), Afrirampo to Lightning Bolt, Dev finds himself confronted by a line-up he's never heard of, and sounds he never knew existed.

Follow him on his journey into the weird and the unknown as he explores what makes a band experimental, and at what point music stops being music and just becomes noise.

Featuring interviews with legendary producer Steve Albini, bands including Battles and F*** Buttons, and Kelley Deal from The Breeders.

Dev is on the second part of his journey to explore the UK's craziest live music events.

02Wondrous Stories19941211

Rick Wakeman continues the story of music technology.

03 LASTElectic Dreams1994121820080928 (6M)

Presented by Peter Hook.