Berlin\u2019s Nightlife2020051420220727 (R4)

DJ Emily Dust investigates where policy and parties meet, as clubs and politicians work together to try and save the scene.

Berlin's famed nightlife brought in over €1.5bn to the city's economy in 2018. Its clubbing scene is eclectic; every type of music, running over hours if not days and bringing millions of visitors each year. At reggae club YAAM, general manager Geoffrey Vasseur describes a city at a crossroads; rising rents and gentrification forcing many venues to relocate or close.

Their future could depend on more collaboration and unity with the state, but can counter-culture survive?

In a former power station, Emily meets Dimitri Hegemann, owner of iconic techno club Tresor, and who now hopes to transport the best of Berlin's culture and creativity out into the provinces.

Jimmy Bamba, resident DJ at 80s Berlin hotspot the Dschungel Club, talks to his son, Freak De l'Afrique and RISE DJ and Producer Aziz Sarr, about how the scene has changed over their generations and how the popularity of African music has grown.

Georg Kössler is the Green Party representative for club culture in Berlin's Parliament. Emily learns the challenges he faces convincing his peers and how he finds ways to quantify the cultural as well as economic value of nightclubs. But not everyone wants to take money from the state. Reclaim Club Culture tell Emily why for them, clubs are not just a cultural force, but a political one.

Plus Pamela Schobess, Chair of the Berlin Club Commission, who is lobbying the state to grant clubs the same cultural status as opera houses and Luz Diaz, co-founder of queer femme and non-binary collective Room 4 Resistance, on the importance of experimentation in the club scene.

Presenter: Emily Dust
Producer: Georgia Catt

DJ Emily Dust explores the unusual ways Berlin's clubbing scene is fighting gentrification

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Visual Assault2018101120220818 (R4)

Artist and photographer Zoe Buckman recently installed a giant neon uterus with boxing gloves overlooking Hollywood. It’s feminist and it’s fierce.

In the wake of a turbulent year for women and women’s rights, Zoe sets off to find out how other female artists around the world are reacting and responding to sexual discrimination and violence.

Installation artist Mireille Honein suspended wedding dresses by nooses on Beirut's beachfront to draw attention to a law which allowed rapists to escape punishment if they married their victim.

The Saudi artist Ms Saffaa plasters walls with murals and portraits of Saudi activists in protest at her country’s guardianship laws.

In her studio in Brooklyn, Zoe brings together artist and photographer Lorna Simpson, and sculptor Patricia Cronin in a conversation about how far art can go in breaking boundaries, if it can make others listen, and if it can bring about change.

Presenter: Zoe Buckman
Producer: Georgia Catt

Zoe Buckman meets female artists responding to sexual discrimination around the world.

Documentaries exploring the latest worldwide cultural issues, celebrations and rebellions.