The Art Of Survival



Imagine for a moment having lost your home, becoming estranged from family, struggling with mental health or addiction issues, maybe falling foul of the law - and then consider what it would take to share your story in an art collaboration.

Among communities of homeless people, there are numerous projects that enhance the potentially redemptive qualities of art - in music-making, painting, poetry and drama.

And in Manchester, Norm, Toni, Fee, Jamie and Simon share their own stories in public installations, painted in sprawling white letters on cardboard. Their work has made an impact internationally. They have been homeless, now they are makers of art.

In this programme, they reflect on their practice - the politics of storytelling, the struggle to be heard unmediated and the courage required to face judgement.

Produced by Alia Cassam and Alan Hall
A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4

Stories of homelessness shared as an art project.