An Artist In Sound


Genome: [r4 Bd=19971225]Water, Views and Kitchen Tables

BBC producer Piers Plowright sets some voices free.

Producer Lore Windemuth

Genome: [r4 Bd=19971225] Producer: Piers Plowright
Mr B19971226Piers Plowright introduces the second of two documentaries looking at ENGLISH life from outside and inside.James Bellamy has been a schoolmaster since the 1940s and can imagine no other life. This documentary follows him through a day of reading, writing and arithmetic in a North LONDON boys' school.
Mr Fletcher, The Poet19971225Piers Plowright introduces a documentary he made in 1984 about Jeff Fletcher, a Leicestershire man who came from a family of miners but became a builder and a published poet.
No Son Of Ours Will Be An Usherette19971229Piers Plowright introduces a documentary made in 1990 in which cinema-lover and rescuer Stephen Wichhusen rides to the defence of the Rotherham Empire with a little help from British Rail, Gus the pianist and writer Carole Rosen.
Nobody Stays In This House Long19971230Piers Plowright introduces a documentary which won the Prix Italia for Radio Documentaries in 1983. It is the story of a house and the family who lived in it - in spite of an estate agent's warning - for more than 50 years.
Playground19971226Piers Plowright introduces the first of two documentaries looking at ENGLISH life from outside and inside. A journey around the estate with twelve gardeners and a visitor. Painter Jeremy Jessel peers from a train window, and poet Sylvia Colley trims the hedges.
Water, Views And Kitchen Tables19971225An introduction to a series of programmes celebrating the work of award-winning BBC producer Piers Plowright