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It's Series 3 Episode 1 and one of the regular cast has gone missing, but there are super injunctions and conspiracy theories flying around as to where he or she might be.

Plus since the last show Richard has won an award and lost at Mastermind and had to address whether he is real or imaginary.

The nation is obsessed with certain parts of Pippa Middleton, but how far and how specific will this obsession be allowed to get? And what will happen if the cast revisit the Oxford Revue of 1988 and the ghosts that still haunt them? Were they funny then? Are they funny now? And in a new feature we lose ourselves in the moral maze to find out the ethics of floor Quavers.

We also dare to reveal the truth about the super injunctions that other outlets will only do anonymously.

Ah, it's good to be back.


Nearly all good.

Guest starring Ben Moor.


Series 3, Show 2 and somehow we've survived the Rapture, which has ruined Rich's plan to not write a script.

We have a visit from a President and a future mayor and somebody's disembodied anus and from someone who would have made more of an impact had the news not somehow overtaken the show.

I knew it was written too far in advance.

Emma is worried about her parents, Christian pleased that his songs are being put to video and Dan is back, unsure what the worst thing about losing his child might be.

There's another absorbing moral maze and Rich is also trapped in a toilet with a lake of piss.

Business as usual.


It's the 25th episode of AIOTM (aiotm) and the silver jubilee is marked with a new 'umpkin'.

If you think it's cumpkins or dumpkins then you have to get with it grandad! And Rich has more than half an eye on the listeners of the future.

He has also become disturbed by the Canadian couple who won't reveal the sex of their baby (is it as disturbing as Baby Massage? The babies seem to think so) and has been recognised in Amsterdam airport (but who has he been recognised as?).

Emma is gate-crashing literary festivals and Dan has been enjoying some odd time with his family, whilst Christian may be close to being friends with the actual factual Lembit Opik.

The audience for once come good and provide some spectacular tales of stuff that has occurred to them.

This week's Moral Maze has to be heard to be believed and has consequences that could only have been predicted by the strangest person on earth, but demonstrates why the public should not be allowed to make decisions about anything of any importance.

One of the characters has written a diary and Richard is halfway through the series without having had a nervous breakdown, but it can't be far off.

Some of the accents in this show will make Cheryl Cole seem like the voice of 1950s BBC.

And if Dan Tetsell gives you a cucumber, don't eat it.

It's the longest AIOTM (aiotm) yet and maybe the funniest and you will learn things about penis enlargement that you might not want to know.

But it'd be even funnier if you'd come and seen it live.

People came from America, Mumbai and Salisbury to see this show.

You can too.

Actual proper paid work might spell the end of the franchise - so potentially just 3 more shots at it - BOOK NOW.

You'll miss us when we're gone.

0303 EXTRA20110602

Secret stand-up.

As a special once-in-a-series treat, here's this week's exclusive 40 minute set from Richard, which usually you can only get to hear if you come to the show or buy a special CD (the others from this series will be available from GoFasterStripe at some point soon).

Richard chats with the audience, makes inappropriate suggestions to women half his age, reads some of his teenage poetry, does a potential routine for his new show What is Love, Anyway? for the first time ever live on stage, and revives the classic routine "Give Me Head, til I'm Dead".

But there's plenty of adlib fun with the audience and a routine about odd bits of facial hair that maybe should have been in the proper podcast.

You get lots more if you come to the live recordings.

Just three more shots: Tickets


It's Season 3, Episode 4 of AIOTM (aiotm) and Rich and his forearm are regretting allowing the audience to make decisions about what is moral and what is not.

He has been working hard on his punishment and is just hoping there is a 14-17 year-old boy who will be prepared to take the fruits (or seeds) of his labour.

Dan, Christian and Emma are all lending a hand and together they have created one of the most horrendous comedy props in the whole of history.

This show might actually break some laws.

And if it doesn't then one of the weirdos in the audience definitely has.

Rich had been trying to impress his girlfriend's parents and is coping with the stress of getting into the exclusive after show area at the Jerry Seinfeld gig on Friday.

Emma has taken out a superinjunction on herself, Dan has been licking things in public and Christian has been recognised in a toilet in Ipswich.

Perhaps foolishly there is another Moral Maze with even more dire consequences for Rich, Pippa Middleton's Disembodied Anus, and the return of an old favourite up to his old duplicity.

Christian is up in arms about Britain's Got Talent, but not the stuff that's bothering anyone else.

Plus there's the first real screw up of the 26 episodes we've done so far and we don't edit so we've just got to deal with it.

Seriously, it is the 21st Century.

WARNING: if you download this show you might end up on a register.


It's the penultimate AIOTM (aiotm) ever and Rich smells like a baker.

He has had last week's moral maze punishment hanging over his head (see video extra below - but beware once you've seen it you can't un-see it).

Emma is back to her scatological best, Dan has been captured by an artist (pictured) and Christian is worried about the effects of nuclear catastrophes.

What will Rich do at Lily Allen's wedding? Who is up to star in Attitudeless Badger? What would the 11 year old Rich think about 43 old Rich getting an email from Francoise Pascal? How can the moral maze top last week's punishment? Only one way to find out!

0305 VIDEO20110613
0306 LAST20110620

As It Occurs To Me - Final Episode.

It's the end my friends.

It really is.

Really, really.

But don't cry, just say goodbye, it could be worse.

Rich has stories of CJ from Eggheads and Al Qaeda and is unjustly critical of a charity trying to de-worm orphans in Haiti, Emma has the best poo stories to make you sick, Dan is dressed as Adam Ant and Christian is looking forward to next week's show.

Will Pippa Middleton's Disembodied Anus survive? Will King Herod make an appearance? Will Andrew Collins say "aside" or make an appearance in real life? Will Rich have to take the cumpkin-based punishment prescribed by last week's Moral Maze or does he have some kind of revenge planned for the dark and mysterious forces that make the ethical decisions? I don't know, why don't you just listen to the podcast? All I can tell you is that tears or some kind of bodily fluid will be spilled before the show is over.

As much as we travel in time, can we truly change our fates? It's properly the end folks.

Thanks so much for your support or your 1 star iTunes reviews.

It's been fun.

Apart from the pain and mental illness.

For details of what's coming up next see