Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)



Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Astor Piazzolla, tracing his early steps. He was born into the world of the tango in Argentina but, at the age of only two, his Italian immigrant parents moved him to the hustle and bustle of New York. It was there that he encountered the bandoneon and classical music - two formative experiences which set the young Astor on his own musical path.

Michelangelo '70

  • Daniel Barenboim (piano)
  • alain moglia (conductor)
  • aldo campoamor (vocal)
  • american clave amcl1013, cd1 tr 5

    carlos gardel and alfredo le pera: mi buenos aires querido

  • astor piazzolla (bandoneon)
  • astor piazzolla and his orquesta tipica
  • capriccio 10 872, trs 7-8

    el desbande

  • carlos gardel (vocals)
  • chandos chan 10049, trs 6-8.

    Donald Macleod explores piazzolla's early life, focusing on his discovery of the bandoneon

  • chesky jd10 7, cd1 tr 1

    troilo/piazzolla: contrabajeando

  • el bandoneon ebcd0 2, cd1 tr 1

    sinfonietta for chamber orchestra

  • el bandoneon ebcd0 2, cd1 tr 6

    two pieces for clarinet and string orchestra, op 15

  • fernando suarez paz (violin)
  • gabriel castagna (conductor)
  • hector console (bass)
  • hector console (double bass)
  • horacio malvicino (guitar)
  • national chamber orchestra of toulouse
  • pablo ziegler (piano)
  • robert bianciotto (clarinet)
  • teldec 063013474 2, cd1 tr 13

    cvg florez-c frollo, arr. piazzolla: solo se quiere una vez

  • terig tucci (conductor)
  • wurttembergische philharmonie reutlingen

  • 02*20090407

    Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Astor Piazzolla. He evaluates the impact that studying with the famous French pedagogue Nadia Boulanger in Paris had on Piazzolla's compositional direction. When he played her one of his tango compositions, Triunfal, she immediately identified where the Argentinian composer's special talent lay. It was not, as he had thought, through classical composition but in the tango world of his heritage.

    Piazzolla, arr. Jaurena: Preparense

  • Gidon Kremer (violin)
  • antonio agri (violin)
  • astor piazzolla (bandoneon)
  • astor piazzolla, daniel binelli (bandoneons)
  • chandos chan 10419, tr 1


  • concord jazz ccd-4793-2, tr 6

    piazzolla, arr. augustin carlevaro: chau paris

  • dante amicarelli (piano)
  • david tanenbaum (guitar)
  • fernando suarez-paz (violin)
  • gabriel castagna (conductor)
  • gary burton (vibraphone)
  • gerardo gandini (piano)
  • giora feidman (clarinet)
  • hector console (bass)
  • horacio malvicino (guitar)
  • intuition int 30792, tr 5

    adios nonino

  • jose bragato (cello)
  • kicho diaz (bass)
  • kremerata baltica
  • makoto ozone (piano)
  • marcelo nisinman (bandoneon)
  • new albion na 065cd, tr 1

    tango ballet (transcr. for violin and string orchestra)

  • oscar lopez ruiz (guitar)
  • raul jaurena (bandoneon)
  • south west german chamber orchestra
  • teldec 3984226612, trs 1-6

    tres minutos con la realidad

  • trova jwcd-5002, tr 1.

    Donald Macleod evaluates the impact on his career of piazzolla's studies in paris

  • vladislav czarnecki (conductor)
  • warner 0927 495052, tr 3

    buenos aires (1st mvt)

  • wurttembergische philharmonie reutlingen

  • 03*20090408

    Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Astor Piazzolla, surveying the Argentinian composer's intensely creative and emotionally difficult period during the 1960s. At the age of 45, he abruptly left his wife of 24 years and their two children. Thereafter he made headlines both personally and artistically with his new brand of tango, involving himself in artistic collaborations with Argentinian poet Horacio Ferrer and writer Jorge Luis Borges.

    Buenos Aires Hora Cero

  • Gidon Kremer (violin)
  • aaa pagani/cameo cd 3508, tr 3

    el tango

  • alois posch (double bass)
  • amelita baltar (singer)
  • angel ridolfi (bass)
  • astor piazzolla y su orquesta
  • astor piazzolla, daniel binelli (bandoneons)
  • caetano veloso (narrator)
  • carlos nozzi (cello)
  • chandos chan 10049, tr 1

    excerpt from the operita maria de buenos aires

  • gabriel castagna (conductor)
  • gerardo gandini (piano)
  • horacio malvicino (guitar)
  • intuition int 30792, tr 3

    piazzolla/ferrer: balada para un loco

  • maria fedotova (flute)
  • maria....julia zenko
  • marta sudraba (cello)
  • nonesuch 7559794622, tr 5

    tanzango: variations on buenos aires

  • per arne glorvigen (bandoneon)
  • peter sadlo (percussion)
  • teldec 3984206322, trs 4-5, 8.

    Donald Macleod surveys piazzolla's intensely creative period during the 1960s

  • the spirit....horacio ferrer
  • ula zebriunaite (viola)
  • vadim sakharov (piano)
  • wurttembergische philharmonie reutlingen

  • 04*20090409

    Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Astor Piazzolla, observing how the Argentinian composer's restless nature saw him form several new ensembles during the 1970s. He expanded his gang of five musicians into a super-group of nine, moved into working with electronic instruments and successfully entered the world of jazz with a collaboration with Gerry Mulligan as well as establishing his celebrated second quintet.


  • accord 556642, tr 4

    concerto for bandoneon, string orchestra and percussion (1st mvt)

  • alberto baldan, giani zilioli (marimbas)
  • angel 'pocho' gatti (piano/organ)
  • astor piazzolla (bandoneon)
  • chandos chan 10419, tr 4


  • concord coj48872, tr 6

    tres piezas para orquesta de camara

  • ennio miori (cello)
  • fernando suarez paz (violin)
  • fernando suarez-paz (violin)
  • filippo dacco, bruno de filippi (electric guitars)
  • gabriel castagna (conductor)
  • gary burton (vibraphone)
  • gerry mulligan (baritone sax)
  • giuseppe prestipino (electric bass)
  • hector console (bass)
  • horacio malvicino (guitar)
  • juan jose mosalini (bandoneon)
  • kremerata baltica
  • marcelo nisinman (bandoneon)
  • messidor 115922, tr 5

    milonga del angel

  • oscar lopez-ruiz (guitar)
  • pablo ziegler (piano)
  • pea 461156 2, tr 7.

    Donald Macleod follows astor piazzolla's musical interests in the 1970s

  • renato riccio (viola)
  • teldec 3984226612, trs 11-13

    20 years ago

  • tullio de piscopo (drums percussions)
  • umberto benedetti michelangeli (violin)
  • vadim sakharov (piano)
  • wurttembergische philharmonie reutlingen

  • 05 LAST20090410

    Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Astor Piazzolla, piecing together a picture of the complex character of this prolific composer as seen through the eyes of the people closest to him.

  • La Camorra II

    Astor Piazzolla (bandoneon)

    Fernando Suarez Paz (violin)

    Pablo Ziegler (piano)

    Horacio Malvicino (electric guitar)

    Hector Console (bass)

    American Clave AMCL1021, Tr 3

  • Le grand tango

    Yo-Yo Ma (cello)

    Kathryn Stott (piano)

    Sony Classical SK 63122, Tr 5

  • Despertar (Five Tango Sensations)

    Kronos Quartet

    Elektra Nonesuch 7559792542, Tr 4

  • Tristezas de un doble A

    Horacio Malvicino (guitar)

    Messidor 15970-2, Tr 1.