Genome: [r4 Bd=19700615]
Genome: [r4 Bd=19700615]

by ERNA J. VATCHAGHANDY with Zohra Segal , Usha Joshi Saeed Jaffrey , Roshan Seth

The generation gap is a familiar theme in English drama. But this contemporary Indian play - the first to be written in English by an Indian woman - voices a new consciousness of the conflict of modern values with tradition in the richly cosmopolitan society of Bombay, where its staging by the Theatre Group in 1966 drew record crowds.

It is set in the family home of a proud Gujarati mother whose fiercely possessive love of her son and grandson and hostility towards her unstable daughter's longings for a different life lead to tragedy. Three of Michael's friends:

Adapted and produced by MARGARET ETALL

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Unknown: Erna J. Vatchaghandy

Unknown: Zohra Segal

Unknown: Usha Joshi

Unknown: Saeed Jaffrey

Unknown: Roshan Seth

Produced By: Margaret Etall

Shanti Shah: Zohra Segal

Gita Dyer, her daughter: Usha Joshi

Dr Suresh Shah, her son: Roshan Seth

Michael Dyer, Gita's husband: Saeed Jaffrey

Nurse Betty Marsh, engaged to Suresh: Sonia Fraser

Janey: Jo Manning Wilson

Joe: George Little

Dot: Heather Emmanuel

Keshav, an old family servant: Mohan Singh

Vijay, Gita's son: Jo Manning Wilson