At Bertram's Hotel


Genome: [r4 Bd=19951225]

Part 1 of Michael Bakewell 's five-part dramatisation of Agatha Christie 's novel, starring June Whitfield as Miss Marple. with Patrick Allen , John Hartley , Geoffrey Whitehead. Garard Green. David Timson. Gavin Muir , Margaret Courtenay ,

Geoffrey Bayldon , Preston Lockwood , Freddie Jones , Sarah Plowright , Jane Whittenshaw , David Collings , Zulema Dene. Alan Rowe ,

Ross Livingstone , Louisa Seddon , Tessa Worsley , Sandra James Young , Patience Tomlinson and Andrew Branch. Director Enyd Williams

Genome: [r4 Bd=19951225]

Unknown: Michael Bakewell

Unknown: Agatha Christie

Unknown: June Whitfield

Unknown: Patrick Allen

Unknown: John Hartley

Unknown: Geoffrey Whitehead.

Unknown: David Timson.

Unknown: Gavin Muir

Unknown: Margaret Courtenay

Unknown: Geoffrey Bayldon

Unknown: Preston Lockwood

Unknown: Freddie Jones

Unknown: Sarah Plowright

Unknown: Jane Whittenshaw

Unknown: David Collings

Unknown: Zulema Dene.

Unknown: Alan Rowe

Unknown: Ross Livingstone

Unknown: Louisa Seddon

Unknown: Tessa Worsley

Unknown: Sandra James Young

Unknown: Andrew Branch.

Director: Enyd Williams

Chief Inspector Davy: Frederick Jaeger

BessSedgwick: Sian Phillips

Canon Pennyfather: Maurice Denham

Elvira Blake: Tracy Wiles

MissGorringe: Jillie Meers

Genome: [r4 Bd=19951227]

3: The morning paper brings Miss Marple some alarming news. For details see Christmas Day

Genome: [r4 Bd=19951229]

5: The police ask Miss Marple to take part in a little experiment. For details see Christmas Day