Atlantic Records Story, The [6 Music] [6m]


01Money Honey20170514 (6M)

Johnnie Walker looks at the early days of Atlantic Records and how the company was set up.

02Yakety Yak20170515 (6M)

Johnnie Walker presents the history of Atlantic Records.

03Giant Steps20170516 (6M)

Johnny Walker looks at Atlantic's work with jazz music.

04Knock On Wood20170517 (6M)

Johnnie Walker continues with a look at the work Atlantic did with Stax Records.

05Land Of 1000 Dances20170518 (6M)

Johnny Walker hears from and about Solomon Burke, Wilson Pickett and Dusty Springfield.

06Respect20170519 (6M)

Johnny Walker looks at how Aretha Franklin got signed by Atlantic Records.

07Groovin'20170520 (6M)

Johnnie Walker explores the Rascals, Buffalo Springfield and tales of Phil Spector.

08The English Connection20170521 (6M)

Johnnie Walker looks at how Atlantic signed British acts such as the Rolling Stones.

09Blues Power20170522 (6M)

The story of the soul music label continues, featuring Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce.

10Pick Up The Pieces20170523 (6M)

Johnnie Walker hears how Roberta Flack got signed to Atlantic.

11The Mighty Arms Of Atlas20170524 (6M)

Featuring interviews with Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page.

12Teach Your Children20170525 (6M)

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, and others.

13We Are Family20170526 (6M)

The story of the soul music label concludes.