Australian Wanted In Woodhall Spa


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Chris Ledgard tells the story of one small-scale international cricket exchange and explores its rich history: the tradition of overseas cricketers playing for amateur clubs in the backwaters of England.

'Australian wanted for Woodhall Spa Cricket Club'. Such adverts can be found on any number of English cricket club websites. All over England, small cricket clubs welcome foreign players for the summer eason, committing themselves to supporting the players - with work or accommodation - on the understanding that they'll bring a sparkle to the score sheet.

This documentary follows one such exchange at Potterne cricket club in Wiltshire and weaves in its rich and fascinating history - which has seen some noble names playing in obscure places.

Chris meets Zimbabwean cricketer Dylan Higgins, who's come to this quintessentially English village club direct from Harare. The team captain is Graham Gaiger, who runs the construction company that provides Dylan with a job. Will the incoming sporting hero meet the expectation of the club? And how do overseas players go down with the local girls?

A fascinating, light-hearted observational documentary with a backbone of social history, on what happens when a new face is brought into the bosom of a tight band of sporting fanatics.

Producer...Mary Ward-Lowery

Chris Ledgard explores the tradition of overseas cricketers playing for amateur UK clubs.