2020092820200930 (R4)As the new school term starts, we've gathered unique audio diaries trying to capture this extraordinary time in education. The beginning of any new school year is a fraught but exciting time for both teachers and students, and this year that has never been more the case. We're there from the start as schools and families get used to the new world of socially distanced education.
One-way systems, year-group bubbles and the wearing of masks around school all bring their own logistical headache and the uncertainty around what might happen in the event of cases being identified all add to the anxiety.
Meet the 12 year old girl whose mum is vulnerable to Covid. How does she feel as she steps into school for the first time in 6 months? What's it like to run a school and be faced with so much new guidance? We'll visit a school in Macclesfield to find out. We also hear from a teacher in Kent who wakes up in the middle of night, worried about headlines and anxious for her own health. Emotions run high as we head back to school, without knowing how long the doors will stay open.

Presented by Jess Quayle
Produced by Jess Quayle and Geoff Bird