Genome: [r4 Bd=19960525]

Four-part series by Christopher Fitz-Simon , set in Co Donegal in 1954. 3: Rumour spreads that the Rev

Samuel Hawthorne may be moving. with Gerard McSorley , Chartie Bonnar.

Ciara McKeown. Harry Towb , Ruain McAteer. Catnona 0' Reilty. Daneille Costigan and Fabio Aprile Music arranged and performed by Stephanie Hughes. Director Eoin OCallaghan Rpt

Genome: [r4 Bd=19960525]

Unknown: Christopher Fitz-Simon

Unknown: Samuel Hawthorne

Unknown: Gerard McSorley

Unknown: Chartie Bonnar.

Unknown: Ciara McKeown.

Unknown: Harry Towb

Unknown: Ruain McAteer.

Unknown: Stephanie Hughes.

Director: Eoin Ocallaghan Rpt

Phonsie Doherty: Tp McKenna

Muriel McConkey: Margaret D'Arcy

VeraMcConkey: Stella McCusker

Vivienne Boal: Aine McCartney

Guard Gallagher: John Hewitt

Rev Samuel Hawthorne: Gerard Murphy