Ballad Of The Unknown Warrior, The [Radio Scotland]



Ricky Ross explores the story behind the Unknown Warrior and writes a modern ballad in commemoration.

An anonymous body transformed into a symbol of all the nameless victims of war, the idea of the unknown soldier emerged from the mass carnage of the American Civil War but, in the years after World War One, in response to the massive sense of loss and the tragic fact that thousands of bodies lay unidentified, the Unknown Warrior became the subject of tributes, graves and memorials across Europe.

Ricky is moved by the stories of these soldiers "known unto God" and the families who mourned them. The ballad, inspired by his journey, is performed beautifully during the programme by the National Youth Choir of Scotland.

The sheet music (arranged in 4 parts by David Higham) will also be available in advance of Armistice Day for any choirs who would like to sing it in their own services or concerts of commemoration.

Ricky Ross remembers WWI's Unknown Warrior, with his own modern ballad in commemoration.