Discussion And Live Folksong20020218

A discussion, and live folksong from Estonian Jaak Johansson. Plus a postcard on amber, known as `Baltic gold'.

Discussion And Live Folksong20020218

A discussion, and live folksong from Estonian Jaak Johansson. Plus a postcard on amber, known as `Baltic gold'.

Hortus Musicus20020222

Fiona Talkington introduces a concert by Hortus Musicus, which includes prototypes from the 1970s, when Arvo Part collaborated with the period ensemble on several seminal works.

Jaan Kaplinski's Garden20020222

Estonia's best-known poet spends much of his summer in a wooden cottage in the depths of fragrant pine woods and buzzing meadows, a reminder of the other half of the Baltic year.

Lands Of Ice, Lands Of Light20020218

Live conversation and music finish this Baltic evening. Plus a postcard from the Literatu Svetaine, where poet Czeslaw Milosz witnessed the occupation of Vilnius by Soviet tanks.

Live Conversation20020218

A live conversation, plus a postcard from Riga, which has some of the finest Jugendstil buildings in the world.

Midsummer Madness20020222

An Estonian family's summer sauna and songs recorded on the bright night of the longest day - a much cherished occasion at the heart of the country's identity.

Mindaugas Urbaitis20020218

Lithuanian composer Mindaugas Urbaitis introduces his music - `Meiles Daina Ir Issiskyrimas'.

More Live Conversation20020218

, plus a postcard from Tallinn.

Nyyd Ensemble20020222

The Estonian contemporary music group the NYYD Ensemble perform a work by one of the country's leading composers. Erkki-Sven Tuur: ARCHITECTonics III (Postmetaminimal Dream).

Peteris Vasks20020218

Latvia's leading composer discusses his work. Plus a performance of one of his most powerful pieces given in Riga's Great Guild. Latvian National SO. Vasks: Message.

Raivo Tafenau Quintet20020222

Jazz from one of Tallinn's liveliest night spots, the Von Krahli Theatre bar.

Supper In Setumaa20020222

The final destination in Hilary Finch's travels across Estonia in search of the country's ancient tradition of regilaul songs is the agricultural community of Setumaa.

Tallinn String Quartet20020222

The Tallinn Quartet and Peep Lassman (piano) perform a piano quartet by Estonian composer Eduard Tubin.

The Baltic Sea20020218

An exploration of the Baltic Sea presented by Lavinia Greenlaw. A shallow, tideless sea surrounded by land, the Baltic freezes in winter. What does it mean to the Balts?

The Defector's Story20020218

from guest Ieva Lesinka. Plus a postcard by Lavinia Greenlaw from the Riga Song Festival.

The Idea Of The Baltic: Central Europe? Northern Europe? Eastern Europe?20020218

The first in an evening of programmes focusing on the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. `The Idea of the Baltic: Central Europe? Northern Europe? Eastern Europe?'.

The Jewish Baltic And The Legacy Of Collaboration20020218

Introduced by Christopher Cook from Paneriai, the forest outside Vilnius where many Jews were killed during WWII.

How are Balts living with the legacy of anti-Jewish atrocities?

The Singing Revolution20020222

John Simpson recalls the dramatic events of 1991 that restored independence to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, called the Singing Revolution.