The Banned History Of Rock'n'roll

Music censorship has created many taboo tunes. In this new series where teenage rebellion meets adult fear, Vic Galloway courts controversy to tell the stories behind the songs we weren't supposed to hear.


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20061231 (RS)
0102Politics And War2006060820060609
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20070107 (RS)

Pete Seeger and his Weavers suffered at the hands of McCarthy, The Sex Pistols tried to overshadow the Queen's Silver Jubilee and the Dixie Chicks spoke out against Bush's War on Terrorism. Given the fine line between social commentary and propaganda, can music and politics come together without a backlash?

0103Race And Religion2006061520060616
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20070114 (RS)

The Beatles famously claimed to be 'bigger than Jesus', Hendrix promoted the plight of black America in How Would you Feel and most recently, Jerry Springer The Opera challenged traditional Christian belief. So can rock music and matters of race and religion live together in perfect harmony?

0104 LASTDrugs And Alcohol2006062220060623
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20070121 (RS)

Artificial stimulants and rock and roll go hand in hand, but given the famous bans on Puff the Magic Dragon and I Get A Kick Out of You, can musicians make music about their drug and alcohol fuelled experiences?