The Barber Of Shavingham



by Rob Castell and Tom Sadler

A joyous musical comedy from the multi-award-winning acapella group Barbershopera. A Spanish matador, inherits a barber shop in the sleepy Norfolk town of Shavingham.

Producer: Ben Walker

Esteve Johnson, a flamboyant Spanish matador, arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Shavingham, Norfolk to claim his inheritance after his estranged barber father's sudden death. At first viewed with suspicion, Esteve wins over the locals, falls for beautiful town crier Vicky and starts a turf war with rival hairdresser Trevor Sorbet.

Recorded in front of an enthusiastic radio theatre audience and performed in pitch-perfect five-part harmony this is an upbeat, funny and fantastical play about family, loyalty, love and hairdressing. It is adapted from an award-winning live comedy musical (Best Lyrics Musical Theatre Matters Award) which sold out in Edinburgh, plus a 5 week London West End run and national tour.

"All of the performances are terrific - each perfectly blending sharp comic timing with effortless singing. The story is surprisingly touching. You'll find yourself caring about the characters despite, or even because of, the fact that they're so silly. If you're sick of plays with dismal subject matter, then this is the one to really cheer you up." (The Scotsman reviewing the live version of 'The Barber Of Shavingham')

The Barber of Shavingham was commissioned as part of Radio 4's 'New Directions' Innovation Strand.