The Barcelona Bird


Genome: [r4 Bd=19900329]

Unknown: Mansfield John Hollis.

Director: Richard Wortley

Carole: Elizabeth Mansfield

Bill: John Hollis

Roy: Brian Miller

Nigel: Charles Simpson

Gary: Stephen Garlick

Zizi: Tara Dominick

Alice: Barbara Atkinson

Paddy lOld man: James Green

Taxi driver/Juan: John Bull

Pigeon chorus: Stephen Tompkinson

Pigeon chorus: Sue Broomfield

Pigeon chorus: Caroline Harker

Pigeon chorus: Helena Breck

Programme Catalogue - Details: 29 March 199019900329

Producer: R. WORTLEY


By Elizabeth TROOP. Lively Carole feels her marriage is failing. Bill is far older than she is and in love with his pigeons, especially Bluebird who he plans to race from Barcelona to London.

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

29 Mar 1990 15:02-16:00 (RADIO 4)


Brian Miller (Actor)

John Hollis (Actor)

Stephen Tompkinson (Actor)

John Bull (Actor)

Elizabeth Mansfield (Actor)

Helena Breck (Actor)

Stephen Garlick (Actor)

Tara Dominick (Actor)

Charles Simpson (Actor)

Barbara Atkinson (Actor)

Sue Broomfield (Actor)

Caroline Harker (Actor)

James Green (Actor)

Elizabeth Troop (Author)

Richard Wortley (Producer)

Recorded on 1990-01-27.

BBC Programme Number: 89DA4481

Programme Catalogue - Station

Radio 4.