Barry Humphries: Barry's Forgotten Musical Masterpieces


02The Age of the Wireless2016012020160913 (R2)

Barry Humphries celebrates the age of the wireless and aims to transport listeners to a bygone era with a selection of vintage recordings by artists, who were once star names, but who are today rarely, if ever, heard on air. The show opens with Henry Hall and the BBC Dance Orchestra performing the song 'Radio Times' (a copy of the sheet music for which was issued with the 1934 Christmas edition of the magazine of the same name). Also musical comedians Norman Long and Stanelli perform an ode to the BBC Licence Fee with the song 'All For Ten Shillings A Year'.

03The Birth of the Microgroove2016012720160914 (R2)

Barry Humphries recalls his first job working at a major record label in Melbourne in the early 1950s during an historic time in the music industry. The era of 78 r.p.m. was over and the 1950s were the Age of the Microgroove! Also, Barry remembers his arrival in London on 1st June 1959 when there was a sense that London was a city on the verge of change. He arrived just in time to catch Randolph Sutton giving his last performances at the Metropolitan Musical Hall on Edgware Road before it was pulled down to make way for the West Way and just before a new generation made their mark on British theatre in the 1960s.