The Town Where Public Toilets Are Everywhere20171031

Germany has come up with a clever way of increasing the number of its public toilets.

What do you do if you're out and about and can't find a public toilet? Do you sneak into a cafe and hope no one notices, buy something you don't want just for the privilege of using the facilities, or hold it in until you can get home? The number of public toilets around the world is decreasing, making this an increasingly common dilemma. But not in many parts of Germany thanks to a scheme called "Die Nette Toilette", or the nice toilet. Local authorities pay businesses a monthly fee to let anyone wonder in and go to the loo for free. Not only does this dramatically increase the number of available toilets, it leads to big savings for the public purse.

Producer: Harriet Noble
Presenter: Dougal Shaw

(Photo: Interior of a German public toilet)