The Beagle Diary

Charles Darwin's first hand account of his epic five-year voyage on board HMS Beagle at the age of 22, which provided the material that helped form his theory of evolution.

Abridged by Polly Coles.


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Darwin waits impatiently at Devonport for the Beagle to set sail.

After many weather delays, Darwin finally finds out the true meaning of what it is to be sea-sick.

'Darwin changed forever our understanding of life on Earth'.

Jo Stone-Fewings reads from the journal of his historic voyage.

Jo Stone-Fewings reads from the journal of Darwin's historic voyage.

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A year after leaving Plymouth, the Beagle arrives off the coast of Patagonia - where Darwin finds his first dinosaur remains and rides alongside the Gaucho cavalry.

Charles Darwin encounters the Gauchos of Argentina and goes hunting.

Jo Stone-Fewings reads extracts from his journal.

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The Beagle reaches the Galapagos Islands, and Darwin encounters some of the world's most unique species, including large numbers of Giant tortoise.

Darwin arrives in the Galapagos, quite unaware of the historic importance of his visit.

Jo Stone-Fewings reads from his journal.

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Darwin arrives at the mythically famous island of Tahiti, where he finds himself involved in a dispute between the British Crown and the Queen of Tahiti.

Darwin visits Tahiti and encounters 'the finest men I have ever beheld'.

Jo Stone-Fewings reads from his journal.

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Darwin visits Australia and then returns home after more than five years of travelling.

Jo Stone-Fewings reads from his journal.

Darwin reaches the thriving colonial outpost of Australia and shares his thoughts on the fate of the convicts and the Aboriginals.