The Beast Must Die



When Felix Cairnes' only child is killed by a hit and run driver he makes a solemn vow to track the man down and kill him.

The police may not be able to trace him, but he will.

  • by.... - - - - nicholas blake

  • carfax....Sam Dale
  • directed by - Jane Morgan
  • dramatised by - Michael Bakewell
  • felix cairnes....jonathan cullen
  • george rattery....andrew woodall
  • georgia strangeways....Rebecca Saire
  • inspector blount....David Rintoul
  • lena lawson....lucy whybrow
  • llaghan....Ian Masters
  • mrs rattery....Jill Balcon
  • nigel strangeways....philip franks
  • phil....taylor jefferson
  • shepherd....Christopher Douglas
  • violet....deborah berlin

  • 02 LAST2004042820050427

    Felix Cairnes failed in his plan to kill the man who'd run over his son, but then his intended victim is poisoned and the finger of suspicion points at Felix.

    No wonder he asks the amateur sleuth, Nigel Strangeways, for help.