Beasts On The Lawn - Saki 2011

Beasts on the Lawn: Saki 2011

Beasts on the Lawn is a collection of Edwardian short stories by Saki (H.H Munro) recycled and restaged in a modern day gated community for the far too wealthy for their own good.

The tales are woven together by the character of Clovis, a security guard.

She recalls the events of strange days and long nights.


20110618 (BBC7)Omnibus. Five short stories by Saki (HH Munro), adapted by Sean Grundy. 1: Tobermory, 2: The Interlopers, 3: Sredni Vashtar, 4: Gabriel Ernest, 5: Mrs Packletide's Tiger.

Omnibus. Five short stories by Saki (HH Munro), adapted by Sean Grundy.

20110619 (BBC7)Omnibus. Five short stories by Saki (HH Munro), adapted by Sean Grundy.
01Tobermory20110613Barrister couple Lady Jane and Jean-Michel Blemley hold a dinner party for some of their rich clients.

One of their guests, eccentric scientist Cornelius Appin, claims that he has been experimenting with animal behaviour techniques and can teach them to communicate.

When he demonstrates on the Blemley's cat, Tobermory, the couple find they have a problem on their hands and seek assistance from security guard Clovis.

02The Interlopers20110614Divorced couple Georgina Znaeym and Ulrich Gradwitz hate each other.

Both professors of Socio geoeconomics at rival universities, they are both in line for the prestigious Eisenberg Award.

They are high-minded and serious but in their spare time they are devotees of the on-line video game 'Carpathian Empire' where they fight most of their battles.

When Ulrich delivers a particularly nasty blow to Georgina she reacts accordingly and their fighting spills out into the real world.

03Sredni Vashtar20110615When Conrad de Ropp Snr is given 'gardening leave' from his bank, his time at home coincides with his adopted ten year old son's (Conrad Jnr) school holiday.

It's a sobering time, mainly because Conrad Snr had almost forgotten the boy existed.

Snr thinks Jnr spends far too much time on his own in the garden.

He's occupying himself in the shed, and Snr wonders if the boy has found himself an unhealthy habit.

But it's not sexual, it's religious.

Jnr has got himself an idol.

To anyone else it's just a pet ferret, but to little Conrad it's Sredni Vashtar, a vengeful, merciless god.

He loves it.

He worships it in secret, and he prays each day it will rid him of Conrad Snr.

04Gabriel Ernest20110616Unpleasant celebrity chef Van Cheele has made quite a name for himself with his particular brand of nasty cooking.

One day he finds a filthy naked teenager sunbathing in his large garden on the Munro Estate.

The boy claims to enjoy hunting animals and also occasionally humans on the estate.

Van Cheele believes that this is a prank by a fellow celebrity chef, but soon discovers that he's truly met his match.

05 LASTMrs Packletide's Tiger20110617Mrs Packletide, ghastly wealthy inheritor of the Gippe perfume empire, needs to shoot a tiger in order to silence her long-time rival Loona Bimberton.

She wants it to take place on Munro Estate.

Clovis is asked to offer her services, but it doesn't quite go to plan.