The Beaux' Stratagem


Programme Catalogue - Details: Sound Archive19900219

BBC Programme Number: 49SX2628

Recorded on 1989-12-01

Producer: DEARMAN, Glyn

Notes: CAIRS 492628


SBH:THE BEAUX' STRATAGEM: The restoration comedy by George Farquhar. A production to celebrate 50 years of the Radio Drama Company, of which all the cast are members at the time of recording. With Simon Treves, Dale Rapley, Tara Dominick, David King and Margaret Courtenay. Music composed and played by Terence Allbright. Produced by Glyn Dearman.

OTN:SLN948/89DA6492 TXN/TDT:R4 19-Feb-1990 ANT:Op and Cl

Broadcast history

19 Feb 1990 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Geoffrey Whitehead (Actor)

Brian Miller (Actor)

Alice Arnold (Actor)

John Moffatt (Actor)

Donald Gee (Actor)

David King (Actor)

Christopher Good (Actor)

Elizabeth Mansfield (Actor)

Simon Treves (Actor)

Anna Cropper (Actor)

Vincent Brimble (Actor)

Paul Downing (Actor)

David Goudge (Actor)

Tara Dominick (Actor)

Dale Rapley (Actor)

Sue Broomfield (Actor)

Margaret Courtenay (Actor)

George Farquhar (Author)

Terence Allbright (Composer)

Glyn Dearman (Producer)

Programme Catalogue - Station

Radio 4

2005021320091018 (BBC7)
20091019 (BBC7)

George Farquhar's Restoration comedy in which two penniless beaux flee LONDON society for the countryside and evolve a stratagem for each to ensnare a wife of fortune and beauty.

Archer, a beau....Jasper Britton

Aimwell, another beau....Alex Jennings

Count Bellair....Anthony Jackson

Boniface, a Landlord....Anthony Jackson

Cherry, his daughter....Teresa Gallagher

A countrywoman....Teresa Gallagher

Squire Sullen....Mark Straker

Scrub, his servant....Giles Fagan

Mrs Sullen, his wife....Zoë Waites

Gypsy, her servant....FRANCEs Jeater

Lady Bountiful....FRANCEs Jeater

Dorinda, her daughter....Sophie Thompson

Foigard, a priest....Nigel Anthony

Gibbet, a highwayman....Timothy Bentinck

Sir Charles Freeman....Timothy Bentinck

Adapted and directed by John Tydeman.

Produced by Nicolas Soames.

Lichfield 1707 - two rakes arrive from London in search of a fortune.

George Farquhar's restoration comedy with Dale Rapley.