Beckett Festival

Martin Esslin introduces the first of three programmes dedicated to the radio plays of Samuel Beckett.


01Embers19990906Henry sits on a beach looking back on his life.

He dwells on failed relationships, fragments of stories - anything to shut out the sound of the sea.

With Jack MacGowan, Kathleen Michael, Kathleen Helme and Patrick Magee.

Cicely Hoye (piano), director Donald McWhinnie.

02Cascando, Rough For Radio19990907`Cascando'.

With Patrick Magee and Denys Hawthorne.

Directed by Donald McWhinnie.

`Rough for Radio'.

With Harold Pinter, Billie Whitelaw, Patrick Magee and Michael Deacon.

Directed by Martin Esslin.

03 LASTWords And Music, A Piece Of Monologue19990909`Words and Music'.

With Patrick Magee and Felix Felton.

Music by John Beckett.

Directed by Michael Bakewell.

`A Piece of Monologue'.

Performed by Ronald Pickup.

Directed by Ronald Mason.