Becoming Betty [Drama]


DRAMA2018020620200320 (R4)Based on Elizabeth Lewis's real-life unforgettable summer working as an au pair in Italy.

In 1986 Elizabeth Lewis dreamed of a glorious summer in Italy. Working as an au pair in a remote picturesque village she planned to cook Italian, learn Italian, be Italian. There was so much hope to be dashed...
A long hot summer begins with Lizzie re-christened Betty - or should that be Cinderella? - by her Italian hosts. Between daily chores and child-minding, dreams of becoming Sophia Loren grow hazy. That is until her knight in shining armour arrives, in a Cinquecento, and Lizzie's romantic Brief Encounter begins.

A joyous romantic comedy, and an ode to Italy, youth and summertime. Based on a true story.

Directed by Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru/Wales Production.

Drama from BBC Radio 4