Johnnie Walker speaks to the Bee Gees' Robin and Barry Gibb who, together with their brother Maurice, enjoyed a career spanning five decades, five Grammy awards, eight platinum albums, and inductions into both the Rock and Roll and Songwriters Halls Of Fame.

Johnnie Walker speaks to the Bee Gees' Robin and Barry Gibb.

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1: Justfor Starters

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A three-part series 2: Main Course

Four years in the wilderness convinced the outside world that the Bee Gees were a spent force. Surprisingly, their own spirits remained undaunted, enabling them to return to the world scene with greater success than ever before, and create disco fever.

Presented and produced by Stuart Grundy

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Last of three programmes What's for Afters

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Fraternally Yours

Celebrating almost 25 years of hits, the Gibb brothers talk to

Nicky Campbell and perform live at their Miami studio.

Producer Paul Williams

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Producer: P. WILLIAMS

Previous in series: PART 3, WHAT'S FOR AFTERS

Broadcast history

01 Jan 1991 15:00-16:30 (RADIO 1)

Recorded on 1990-12-11

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Radio 1

04Fraternally Yours19910101

Recorded on 1990-12-11.