Belzec - The Search For Justice


20030813Robin O'Neil, a former detective turned historian, travels to Poland to investigate the largely-forgotten Nazi death camp in the small town of Belzec in southern Poland, where over 600,000 Jews were murdered.

Although he has no Jewish connections, O'Neil has been engaged on a mission to expose the extent of the Nazi genocide at this little-known camp.

He takes as his inspiration the words of the last remnant of the Belzec Jewish burial work force scrawled on scraps of paper during the final journey on the way to their deaths: ""Avenge us: write and record"".

He also meets a remarkable woman, Helen Goldman, who escaped from a death transport to Belzec as a teenager, as well as talking to ordinary Poles and visiting towns where over half the population before the war was Jewish, but where now all that remains of their memory are a few dismal concrete memorials.