Genome: [r4 Bd=19951228]At 7.20 Steven Berkoff talks about playing the title role in a new adaptation of Shakespeare's play.

And at 7.30 Berkoff makes his radio drama debut with David Benedictus 's innovative version of the tragedy. The near-continuous score is by his long-time collaborator, Mark Glentworth.

with Suzan Sylvester , William Russell , Howard Goorney , Dyfed Thomas, Gary Raymond , Michael Grandage , Harry Peacock and Thomas Orange. A Ladbroke Radio production in association with G & J Productions

Genome: [r4 Bd=19951228] Talks: Steven Berkoff

Unknown: David Benedictus

Unknown: Mark Glentworth.

Unknown: Suzan Sylvester

Unknown: William Russell

Unknown: Howard Goorney

Unknown: Gary Raymond

Unknown: Michael Grandage

Unknown: Harry Peacock

Unknown: Thomas Orange.

Macbeth: Steven Berkoff

Lady Macbeth: Linda Marlowe

Duncan: Lee Montague

Three: Witches Cleolaine

Malcolm: Timothy Walker

Banquo: Ian Hogg

Macduff: Samuel West

Porter: Craig Charles