Bert Weedon - The Teacher Of Rock And Roll


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Richard Hawley tells the story of how Bert Weedon, one of Britain's most important and yet least celebrated guitar heroes, taught a nation to fall in love with the guitar.

When he died in April 2012, tributes to Bert Weedon came flooding in from the very top British artists; Clapton, McCartney, May and many more. Not only had he been one of Britain's first rock n roll guitarists, but through his 'Play In A Day' tutor book he had taught millions of us how to play.

Rock 'n Roll devotee and fellow guitar obsessive Richard Hawley charts Bert's story. From buying his first guitar for about 75p to recording hits like 'Guitar Boogie Shuffle' and 'Apache' and working with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Richard explores how Bert helped put the guitar centre stage in British music.

Helping Richard tell Bert's story are those who knew him best, worked with him or were inspired by 'Play In A Day', as well as archive of Bert speaking to the BBC - all mixed over a fantastic soundtrack that spans five decades.

'Bert was quite, quite possibly the most influential guitarist of all time' Neville Marten, Editor of Guitarist Techniques magazine

'Bert's legacy to music is that he was one of the first.' Joe Brown

Interviews: Joe Brown, Marty Wilde, Maggie Weedon, July Rodgers, David Arnold, Bob Stanley, Neville Marten, Mike Rutherford, Bruce Welch, Albert Lee.