The Best Exotic Etiquette Academy



Author, broadcaster and etiquette coach William Hanson explores why there's such a demand for British politesse around the world.

We join William at the Wasan Knowledge Hub in Mumbai where he teaches classes in business protocol and social etiquette. William asks Ekta Wasan why she set up the academy two years ago, and students explain why they have a desire to learn these very British skills.

William also speaks to Nisha JamVwal, a well known socialite and author who is married to a member of the Indian royal family. Yet, even with classes about tiaras and table manners, Nisha admits that few members of the Indian upper classes would enrol in such classes, and challenges the needs for British traditions in an age where the country is truly embracing its own cultural identity.

Then to Shanghai, another city where William's knowledge is craved. Three years ago, Chinese men and women had no idea what etiquette training was. So why the sudden demand?

Angelina Du talks openly about why she launched her exotic etiquette academy and we explore how the growth of high end goods has turned classes in British manners into a luxury commodity.

An Audio Always production for BBC Radio 4.