Best Of Stark Talk


Gordon Ramsay2005100220051004

Edi Stark talks to volatile restauranteur Gordon Ramsay about his quest for perfection in the kitchen.

Katharine Hamnett2005102320051025

Edi Stark is in conversation with fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, who talks about how her childhood contributed to her anger at political injustice.

Paul Buchanan2005101620051018

Blue Nile singer Paul Buchanan talks about the perfectionism that lies behind the rapturous reception to the band's album, 'High'.

Sir Wally Herbert2005100920051011

has mapped out and explored the Antarctic and Arctic, but his present spiritual journey is the most elusive.

In a rare interview, 'the explorers' explorer' who is arguably the first person to have reached the North Pole, talks to Edi Stark about conquering fear on his expeditions, family life with the Inuit and the tragic death of his teenage daughter.

Virginia Ironside2005092720050929

, the veteran agony aunt, talks candidly to Edi about the agonies of her own life.

By her twenties she'd had three abortions, been deserted by her alcoholic mother and subjected herself to what she calls the 'dangers' of therapy.

She confesses that she can't wait until she's 61...

only then will she escape the ghosts of her mother's existence.