AD20121022Absurdist, existential drama by Sean Grundy about a family stuck in a queue that never ends.

One Tuesday evening, Jean Brooker receives a call from her husband Mark. He tells her to quickly come and join him and their two teenage kids in a queue forming at the end of Daisy Street: apparently someone's giving away a million pounds to anyone who makes it to the front. When Jean turns up it's an incredible sight, the queue has gained thousands of people and goes on for miles, moving intermittently. A celebrity turns up with a TV crew and it's all very exciting. Food and water is handed down the line, and, at first, it feels like a street party. But as the days pass, the Brookers lose track of time and their lives change from stability and ordinariness to despair and chaos and their commitment to the queue and to each other is sorely tested.

Producer: Alison Crawford.