The Betrayal Of St Francis


20030618Roger Bolton swaps his Radio 4 Sunday Programme desk for the lure of Assisi, as he sets out to discover whether CHRISTIANity's most popular Saint was betrayed by the very Church that raised him to Sainthood.

Francis' own order rebelled against his doctrine of Absolute POVERTY even before he was dead, and the Church honoured the man who gave everything up to help the poor by building one of the grandest Churches in Medieval Europe.

Roger Bolton tries to find the real spirit of Francis amongst the world famous frescos and churches of Assisi, in a journey that takes him from one of the grandest dining rooms in Europe to a mountainside cave.

Music from Micrologus, specialists in 13th Century Italian music, help illustrate the way, along with readings from Francis' Medieval biographers that give us an insight into the Saint and his life.

Contributors include author Karen Armstrong, OXFORD historian Dr Lesley Smith and Franciscan Father Max Mizzi who leads Roger to the very tomb of St Francis.