A Better Class Of Person


01No Pride In Real Gentry20131104 (BBC7)The famous playwright recalls early years in Fulham, his mother's make-up regime and his uncle's letters. Read by Peter Egan.
02I Don't Want To End Up In A Dead-and-alive Hole20131105 (BBC7)The writer recounts his formative years, a peripatetic life thanks to his mother's whims and father's work. Read by Peter Egan.
03O Wall!20131106 (BBC7)Autobiography of dramatist John Osborne. The reknowned playwright reminisces about school, his burgeoning literary interest and his father's death. Read by Peter Egan.
04Too Young To Fight And Too Old To Forget20131107 (BBC7)The writer recalls his childhood. After an illness, young John is sent to Dorset for brutal convalescence. Read by Peter Egan.
05Don't Fence Me In20131108 (BBC7)The memoir reaches the end of formal education, when girls and rebellion cost John dear.

The famous playwright's memoir reaches the end of formal education, when girls and rebellion cost him dear. Read by Peter Egan.

06Hold The Front Page20131111 (BBC7)The playwright recalls his theatrical aspirations being boosted by a resemblance to Rex Harrison. Read by Peter Egan.
07Kindly Leave The Stage20131112 (BBC7)The famous playwright remembers his first faltering steps towards his calling, and some short sharp shocks. Read by Peter Egan.
08I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles20131113 (BBC7)The playwright's memoirs focus on his 'Brighton year', and a spluttering start to his writing career. Read by Peter Egan.
09Fall Of A Sparrow20131114 (BBC7)Further theatrical enterprises, including a brush with Her Majesty's Customs and Excise.
10 LASTOn The Pier At Morecambe20131115 (BBC7)Another marriage ends and penury beckons, but so does success.