Better To Have Loved

Three dramatised short stories on the subject of love and loss by leading women writers.


01Stone Trees2000020920010831By Jane Gardam, dramatised by Eric Pringle.

With Anna Massey as Lou and Stella Gonet as Anna.

Lou's husband has died suddenly, leaving her with an overwhelming sense of loss.

But lurking deep beneath the idyllic picture she paints of her marriage are dark shadows.

Director: Cherry Cookson

02The July Ghost20000210By A S Byatt, dramatised by Eric Pringle, starring Kate Buffery as Imogen and Clive Owen as the man.

With Gavin Muir and Oliver Cookson.

Director: Tracey Neale.

03 LASTThe New People20000211By Rose Tremain, dramatised by Eric Pringle.

With Ursula Howells as Millicent and Eleanor Bron as Alison.

Millicent finds it difficult to come to terms with her diminishing success as a poet and is moving to Italy to start a new life with her partner Alison.

But there are ghosts and memories from the past that still haunt her.

Director: Cherry Cookson