Beyond Disability - Adventures Of A Blue Badger [5 Live]



Nikki Fox uses her mobility scooter and sense of humour to investigate disability in 2012.

Nikki Fox has big hair, a mischievous sense of humour, and an unhealthy love of Nick Kershaw. She also gets brilliant seats at concerts and very convenient parking spaces at the supermarket. Born with Muscular Dystrophy, Nikki gets around in a mobility scooter, and she reckons life is pretty good as a disabled person, or a ""Blue Badger"", in the UK.

In this 5 live documentary, Nikki is out to discover whether her positive outlook on life is justified and shared by her fellow Badgers. In the year of the biggest celebration of disability sport, the Paralympics, is the UK as good at dealing with disability as it thinks it is? Does disability bring out the kindness in the public or do they secretly avoid having to help? Is access and the transport network improving? And will Nikki get to sing her David Miliband song on national radio?

Nikki's adventure takes her from her friends and family, to being grilled by complete strangers (including a scary class of 8 year olds), as well as talking to the likes of Tanni Grey Thompson, David Blunkett, CBeebies' Cerrie Burnell and Disability Minister Maria Miller.