Beyond The Back Of Beyond


by Paul Barnhill and Neil Warhurst
  • Jacey Salles
  • Mark Benton
  • Neil Warhurst
  • Paul Barnhill
  • 01Men20011226Brian Tongue is getting married.

    But can fellow explorer, Mark Bark-Jones persuade him to take a final trip to the Amazon in search of the mythical Wet People?

    02Star Wars20020102Mark and Brian encounter the Kalimeri.

    But the tribesmen are unimpressed by their gift of a plastic `Star Wars' figurine.

    03Fear20020109Brian has an encounter with a Caymon crocodile and Mawa the Amazon guide loses the Amazon.
    04Mad20020116Lost in the Amazon jungle, malaria takes its toll on our explorers.
    05Dirt20020123Rescued by the Wet People, our two intrepid explorers believe they have found a damp paradise.
    06 LASTMatrimony20020130Have Mark and Brian finally found true love?