Big Easy Blues - The Rebuilding Of New Orleans



Stephen Sackur returns to the still ravaged city of New Orleans to assess how, when and indeed whether the Big Easy will ever be rebuilt.

When Hurricane Katrina struck, New Orleans was already in trouble.

Corruption, crime, a failing school system and an underclass that struggled below the poverty line conspired to make the city probably the most dysfunctional in America.

It somehow survived, a chaotic, creative gumbo of sorrow, struggle and soul.

Then the levees broke, the city flooded and the people fled.

Stephen Sackur explores the story of the rebuilding of New Orleans one year on through the eyes of a rap artist, an industrialist and a middle class mum.

He traces their hopes and fears through a post-Katrina Mardi Gras, follows them into the start of the hurricane season and returns to the city in the stifling heat of August, when the risk of another Katrina runs high.