A group of inept actors set out to change the world through drama.

Series 1 - In what is easily the most important radio series ever made, Keith Daniels plans to change the world through drama, and nobody is going to stop him, except his cast.

Series 2 - Keith, Dan and Francis continue their mission to make the world a safer, fairer, kinder place.

And if they have to kill a few people along the way then so be it.

Series 3 - The Bigger Issues team is back, but this time their campaign against injustice is a bit hampered by them being in prison.

How did they get there? Of one thing each of them is certain, the other two are to blame.

20090616 (R7)
20110328 (R7)

This week they end homelessness.
Guest Richie Webb
A group of inept actors set out to change the world through drama - linking up to Radio 4.
With Dave Lamb.
From October 2000.
A group of inept actors set out to change the world through drama.
20090623 (R7)
20110404 (R4+)

This week, Keith's new play about allegorical ducks is a shocking piece of theatre.
The bungling drama group perform a fable about disability - featuring ducks.
With Dave Lamb and Jim North.
20090630 (R7)
20110411 (R4+)

The world's most socially aware theatre company tackle racist bigotry head on, only to be sidetracked into petty infighting.
The socially aware theatre group take on racism, but end up squabbling.
With Dave Lamb and Jim North.
From November 2000.
0104 LASTHomophobia2000111620011219
20090707 (R7)
20110418 (R4+)
This week, homophobia.
The bungling actors stage a play to highlight being gay - featuring sailors.
With Dave Lamb and Jim North.
From November 2000.
From 2000.
0201Singing The Changes2002092620031204The team storm a live show in Broadcasting House to make a protest.
0202Monster Truck Drag Racing With Dickie Donald2002100320031211The team hijack an outside broadcast vehicle to take their anti-driving message on the road.
0203Hospital Radio With Terry Funny2002101020031218The team set out to expose the shortcomings of the NHS.
0204 LASTIvan Donahoes Thursday Essay2002101720031225The team take up arms against a sea of troubles.
0301The Crows20030723This week Keith has hit on the perfect escape plan.
All he needs is a giant cake.
0302Keith Of Daventry20030730The team see the forthcoming prison quiz night as an ideal opportunity to plan their escape.
Meanwhile, Keith receives a divine visitation.
0303Body Chemistry20030806The team become reluctant participants in an experimental drugs trial.
0304 LASTEscape20030813Our heroes have formulated the perfect escape plan - or have they?


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