Bird Of Paradise [by By Lee Pressman]



Belle Elmore was an unsuccessful music hall artiste who would do almost anything to become famous.

She succeeded magnificently, and her name splashed across newspaper headlines across the world.

However, it was not through her singing, but as the victim of a grotesque murder by her husband, Dr Crippen.

  • Marie Lloyd....Rachel Atkins
  • bruce....tom bevan
  • by - Lee Pressman
  • chairman....daniel ryan
  • clare martinetti....jane whittenshaw
  • directed by - Celia De Wolff
  • elle elmore....joanne pearce
  • ethal le neve....sara markland
  • lionel....David Collings
  • mervyn....Keith Drinkel
  • music arranged by mike sykes
  • narrator....Sam Dale
  • nina....Jacinta Mulcahy
  • songs sung by Jacinta Mulcahy
  • stephen boxer....hawley crippen