The Birth Of Opera


EMS01The Birth Of Opera: Why Venice?

EMS01Why Venice?20100410

In the first of two programmes exploring the origins of Opera, Catherine Bott examines the genre from its earliest days in the courts of Florence and Rome.

Although it began life in these courts, it was in Venice that Opera was truly born, and Catherine explores the circumstances which surrounded its arrival there during the city's Carnival season of 1637 and the reasons for its immediate success.

Catherine Bott on the origins of opera and how it came to Venice in the 17th century.

EMS02The Birth Of Opera: The Accademia Degli Incogniti20100417

EMS02 LASTThe Accademia Degli Incogniti20100411

Opera arrived in Venice with the opera Andromeda, brought to the city in 1637 and that began a virtual avalanche of productions there, so that just three years later Venice's third Opera house had opened and showed a total of five different new works during the 1640 carnival season.

But the story of Opera's explosion in Venice is an intriguing one, with a plot which reads like a deft political thriller.

Catherine Bott explores Opera's success in the watery city and the powerful role of the mysterious Accademia degli Incogniti.

Catherine Bott explores opera's success in Venice and the Accademia degli Incogniti.